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Are you looking for a way to repair corroded pipes and water leaks? Then you should invest in a pipe lining repair. Pipe lining is a technique used to restore a pipe from corrosion, cracks from tree roots, or leaks. It is a fairly simple process that involves putting a new pipe within the damaged pipe.

Pipe lining is cost-efficient and requires less disruption in comparison to replacing the entire pipe. Pipe lining also increases a piping system’s lifespan, preserves the building structure, and causes minimal destruction to property. Call Positive Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning today; book an appointment for professional and reliable pipe lining services in Irvine, CA.

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What are the common causes of pipe failures?

There are two types of pipe failures that can occur, one from pipe corrosion and the other is when tree roots grow inside the pipe. The deterioration of cast iron pipes happens because of the chemical reactions between water, oxygen, metal, and minerals. The corrosion that builds up around these pipes is known as scaling, and minerals such as sulfur and chloride eat away at the pipe. Trees, on the other hand, grow their roots into pipes causing major cracks. This is because trees are always looking for water to survive, thus making a drain pipe the perfect water supply for them. Get in touch with us, and we will use our pipe lining skills to restore all your rusty and root invaded pipes today.

What is involved in a pipe lining repair?

The first step of the pipe lining process requires the technicians to clean the pipe so the necessary materials can adhere to the host pipe. Pipes are cleaned with mechanical cutters that can remove the scale build-up and tree roots. Once the pipes are clean, the technicians will stick a specialized liner inside the pipe to ensure no water gets between the inside of the pipe and this newly fitted liner. The liner is pulled through the pipe and is left to dry. Once this unique liner is hardened, a better, newer pipe is formed in the existing pipeline. A liner is used to reform pipes because it helps to separate the original pipe and prevents any substances to flow through it.

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Are you looking for reputable pipe lining companies in Irvine? You can trust us to cater to all your pipe lining requirements. Positive Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is known for its excellent plumbing services and has guaranteed customer satisfaction to many. We offer reliable and hassle-free pipe lining services at your convenience. Call us today.

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