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Are you facing plumbing problems way more often than you would like? Are you struggling with low water pressure, rust-colored water, leaking pipes, or other pipe related plumbing inconvenience? If your answer is yes, it may just be time for either a partial repiping of your home or a full home repiping. While partial repiping sounds normal and usual, a complete home repiping may be quite scary to envisage.

Have no fear. Positive Plumbing Heating and Air, provides quick and affordable Irvine repipe services. We’re known for the best repiping services throughout the region, and our testimonials speak for themselves!

Our team of experienced technicians has been serving Irvine, CA and neighboring surroundings with top-notch repiping service. We’re all about unparalleled peace of mind too! That’s the reason why we offer a “lifetime” warranty on all service repairs you authorize us to perform, so you only pay for the same repair once.

How To Know Your Home Needs Repiping

For better or worse, we cannot see most of the pipes that crisscross our property. This makes it hard to tell when you need to call in professional plumbers. Here are some points to consider if you’re wondering whether your house needs some new pipework.

How Old Is Your House?

Like most things in life, if not all, plumbing pipes don’t last forever. As they age, they become more prone to leaks. This applies to all piping materials.

Most older houses contain pipes made of steel. These usually have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years. If your house is that old, you should consider repiping. Contact us for the best repipe in Irvine , CA, and surrounding areas.

What Materials Are Your Pipes Made Of?

Steel used to be the ideal material for making plumbing pipes. Now, however, they’re mostly made of either plastic or copper. Steel pipes are no longer in use as they’re prone to rust, corrosion, and sometimes lead contamination. Lead is a poisonous metal that you should avoid as much as possible.

If your home still has pipes made of steel, you should contact us immediately for an assessment. Even if you’re not facing any leaks at the moment, the presence of lead pipes is a good enough reason to have repipe plumbers visit your home.

Are You Facing Repeated Leaks?

Sometimes it becomes more cost-effective to do a repipe than to have to fix repeated leaks. A repipe house cost is not often as expensive as you may think.

If you only have leaks in a specific area of your home, it may be okay to repipe that section only. If, however, you have to fix leaks all over, a complete replacement may just be the answer.

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We do a thorough assessment to let you know what you need.

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Are you in need of top-notch repiping services in Irvine, CA, and neighboring areas? Positive Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is the name to remember. Call us now at 949-933-5036.

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My water heater sprung a major leak, and despite my frantic attempts to reach a plumber, no one seemed to be picking up the phone. Then, like a guardian angel, Alex from Positive Plumbing answered my call.

-David T

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