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For many people in the Irvine area, there is a concern about the quality of the tap water coming through their faucets. Luckily, there are advanced filtration systems that effectively remove impurities from your entire water supply. These impurities can include things like sediment, chlorine and chemicals or substances that can affect the taste of the water and the health of those drinking it. We can look at your home’s specific needs and help you find the best system that works for you. Since 1974, Positive Plumbing Heating and Air’s team of Water Filtration Systems technicians have been serving Irvine and surrounding communities with expert service at family-friendly prices.

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Clean water is important to your health for cooking, drinking, and showering. Most people today drink chlorine-treated water that still contains many harmful chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants. Water, like oxygen, is beneficial to maintain life. Filtering your water removes bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from the water making it 100% safe to drink. Just think of all the benefits of having the water you drink and use on a daily basis filtered thoroughly.


These are the benefits of having a filtration system in your home, including:

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With more than 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, our team has handled multiple plumbing jobs and has a unique understanding of how residential plumbing systems work. This has helped us be invaluable in the selection and installation of your whole house water filtration system. Our friendly, and experienced technicians leverage cutting-edge technology to help ensure that the job will be done right the first time. If you encounter a problem with your filtration system, we offer emergency services and can provide a fast response to your needs.

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My water heater sprung a major leak, and despite my frantic attempts to reach a plumber, no one seemed to be picking up the phone. Then, like a guardian angel, Alex from Positive Plumbing answered my call.

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