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Is it your dream to have a new heating system installed, but you are just not sure which HVAC contractor you should trust with your money? Look no further. Positive Plumbing, Heating and Air offers high quality, affordable heater installation in Rancho Santa Margarita and surrounding areas. Positive’s team of versatile and licensed technicians has been serving Rancho Santa Margarita and nearby areas with excellent service at family-friendly prices.

Our skilled heating and cooling experts help you compare new Heatings and select the best system for your household and budget. Drawing on our many years of experience, we give you and your loved ones a perfect installation so your new Heating offers the performance and efficiency you expect and deserve.

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How Long Does a Heater Last?

Your Heater’s total life span depends on many factors. While different types of Heaters have different expected useful lives, Heating usage and maintenance could positively impact the depreciation of your investment in your home.

It’s of paramount importance to know and understand how long Heaters last and why, so you have the chance to prepare for a replacement in a timely fashion, and without being left in the cold.

The two most common types of Heatings generally found throughout the nation are gas and electric heaters. The lifespan of your Heater depends entirely on the type of Heater you have installed in your home.

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How To Extend The Useful Life of Your Heater?

Actually, to extend your Heating’s useful years, it’s always recommended to maintain your unit once a year as a minimum. It goes without saying that good maintenance practices extend the life of your Heating, while negligence cuts years off your Heating’s lifespan. Professional Heating maintenance and tune-ups improve performance by reducing the wear and tear that inevitably builds up over time.

When to Replace a Heater?

The ideal situation is to replace your Heating before it breaks down. No one wants to be left without proper heating in the winter! How do you know when it’s time? Look for the following signs:

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